St. Patrick's Day Greeting Cards

Make your own luck this St. Patrick's Day with highly customizable St. Patrick's greeting cards!

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St. Patrick's Day Cards to Make

Personalize your own St. Patrick’s Day toast, share your favorite Irish quote, send holiday blessings and more with Creatacard™! In addition to typing a custom message, every St. Patrick’s Day card template allows you to upload photos and video, add music and even sign your name. Don't forget to customize the envelope, too, by picking out your favorite liner and stamp! In minutes you’ll have made St. Patrick’s Day cards they’ll be charmed to receive.

Digital and Printable St. Patrick's Day Cards

Choose from a variety of digital sending options and your St. Patrick’s Day Creatacards will arrive instantly! When you have finished making your custom St. Patrick's Day card, select a delivery method: email, text or Facebook. You can also copy the card link and paste it into any messaging app. When you opt to email, you’ll even get to make it their lucky day by attaching an egift card if you'd like!

Or you can print your Creatacard™ at home or from a local printer. To make printable St. Patrick’s Day cards:

  1. 1. Select “Share or Print” at the end of the card-making process and click “Print.”
  2. 2. Then “Add a Gift Card and Print” or “Print Without a Gift Card.”
  3. 3. Last, follow the printout instructions to make sure your card prints perfectly.

That’s all it takes to make this St. Patrick’s Day legendary! If you have any questions about making your St. Patricks’ Day card printable, check out our FAQ page for more information.

Find More St. Patrick's Day Greetings

You haven’t reached the end of the rainbow yet! We have a pot o’ gold waiting for you to discover in our huge selection of St. Patrick’s Day SmashUps™ and St. Patrick’s Day ecards. If you’re looking for astoundingly fun, talking, singing, dancing and selfie-ready greetings you can personalize with someone’s name, then SmashUps™ are for you. If you want your greetings beautifully animated, musical and full of character, you’ll always have a green supply of St. Patrick’s Day ecards! You’ll find endless ways to turn on the charm for anyone on St. Patty’s Day.