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Greeting cards, party supplies, ornaments and more to make everyone’s season warm and cozy.

Capture the magic of Christmas!

Get ready to share season’s greetings, make gifts look spectacular and deck the halls for Christmas festivities. Our gift packaging will make their season sparkle with brightly decorated Christmas gift bags, wrapping paper and bows that are the perfect fit for all your presents. Don't forget to have fun decorating your tree with ornaments featuring today’s coolest characters!

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#GiveMeaning with American Greetings

American Greetings recognizes that real, everyday moments can bring just as much importance and meaning to our lives as cherished calendar occasions.  So whether it’s finding the perfect card just to be there for a friend, picking out festive birthday wrap or selecting fun supplies to throw a party your child will always remember with a smile — we want to connect you to the tools and products that will help you give meaning to the people and moments that matter most in your life. As you share special moments with those people special to you, we invite you to show photos or tell stories of how you #GiveMeaning


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